Virtual Merit Badge Opportunities through BSA Local Councils

This is a list of virtual merit badge opportunities offered through BSA local councils during the coronavirus pandemic. The links are to local councils’ web pages or social media pages that provide a detailed list of merit badge classes. This list does not link to individual classes. If you see any mistakes or omissions, please add a comment.

Last Updated: 20 May 2020 12:42 PM EDT

Alamo Area CouncilScouting at Home
Aloha CouncilEpic Merit Badges$20 – Live merit badge classes (max 15 Scouts)
Bay Area CouncilOnline Virtual Classes
Black Warrior CouncilOnline Merit Badge ClassesAdded: 18 Apr 2020
Blue Ridge CouncilOnline Merit Badge Classes$5
Caddo Area CouncilOnline Workshops
California Inland Empire CouncilCEIC Virtual Camp$5
24 Apr 2020: New link added.
Capitol Area CouncilActivities To Continue #ScoutingAtHome
Cascade Pacific CouncilAdvancement Academy
Central Florida CouncilOnline Merit Badge Programs 2020$5
Central North Carolina CouncilVirtual Merit Badge Classes$5
Chickasaw CouncilVirtual Merit Badge
Chief Seattle CouncilScouting from HomeApr 12, 2020: The Chief Seattle Council Alpine District event is reported at capacity.
Circle Ten Council2020 DCD Going Viral Merit Badge Mania
Circle Ten CouncilOnline Merit Badge University
Connecticut Rivers CouncilAt Home Scouting$10
Crossroads of America CouncilOnline Merit Badges$25
Added 17 Apr 2020
Dan Beard CouncilVirtual Merit Badges
Del-Mar-Va CouncilScouting at Home – Scouts BSA$10
Denver Area CouncilScouting at Home!$35
East Carolina CouncilScouting at Home$5 per scout per class
Maximum of 15 Scouts per class
Added 11 May 2020
Evangeline Area CouncilOnline Merit Badges$15
Garden State CouncilScout On! Hub$5
Glacier’s Edge CouncilScouting From Home
Golden Empire CouncilGEC Merit Badge Madness$10
Classes limited to 23 participants.
Added 26 Apr 2020
Great Rivers CouncilScouting @ Home
Great Smokey Mountain CouncilVirtual Merit Badges$10
Great Trail CouncilScouts BSA Online Merit BadgesAdded 18 Apr 2020
Greater Alabama CouncilOnline Merit Badge Offerings
Greater Tampa Bay Area CouncilKeep Scouting – ResourcesAdded 16 Apr 2020
Gulf Stream CouncilRemote Activity Workshops
Hawk Mountain CouncilVirtual Merit Badge Classes
Heart of America CouncilScoutConnect
Heart of New England CouncilVirtual Merit Badge Counseling
Hoosier Trails CouncilVirtual Merit Badge Day
Indian Waters CouncilHUB$5
Added 26 Apr 2020
Jayhawk Area CouncilMerit Badge Online ClassesFREE
Added 27 Apr 2020
Lake Erie CouncilScouting at Home Merit Badge Series
Las Vegas Area CouncilMerit Badge Clinics$10
Michigan Crossroads CouncilVirtual Merit Badge ClinicFREE
Mid-America CouncilScouting At Home – Scouts BSAFREE
Mount Baker CouncilNorth Cascades Scouting From Home
Mountaineer Area CouncilScouting at Home
Mt. Diablo Silverado Area CouncilMDSC iBadge 2020$15
Narragansett CouncilMerit Badge (Virtual) Event Registration$20
National Capital Area CouncilMerit Badges @Home$10
New Birth of Freedom CouncilVirtual Merit BadgesAdded 17 Apr 2020
North Florida CouncilVirtual Merit Badge Academy$5
20 Apr 2020
Look under calendar
Northern Star CouncilScouting at Home
Old Hickory CouncilRaven Knob University Online Merit Badge ClassroomFree, but $10 donation requested
Added 24 Apr 2020
Orange County CouncilVirtual Advancement$20
Overland Trails CouncilVirtual Merit Badges
Ozark Trails CouncilVirtual Merit BadgesFREE
Palmetto CouncilOnline Merit Badge Classes$5
Pee Dee Area CouncilOnline MBU$15
Piedmont CouncilOnline Merit Badge Classes 2020$5
Potawatomi Area CouncilVirtual Merit Badge ClinicsAdded 16 Apr 2020
Prairielands CouncilVirtual Scouting at Home
Rocky Mountain CouncilScouting at HomeAdded 16 Apr 2020
Sam Houston Area CouncilVirtual Scouting EventAdded 23 Apr 2020
Sagamore CouncilMerit Badge Mondays$7
Added 21 Apr 2020
San Francisco Bay Area CouncilVirtual Exploration Camp$40/day
Seneca Waterways CouncilVirtual Merit Badge Days$5
Sequoyah CouncilScouting From HomeAdded 16 Apr 2020
Simon Kenton Council2020 Online Merit Badge University$5
Sioux CouncilVirtual Merit Badge Classes$10
Added 2 May 2020
Spirit of Adventure CouncilBase Camp ONLINE Merit Badges$25
Every Friday at 9am ET, the council opens approximately 20 new classes for enrollment and has a class size capped at 25 students.
Suffolk County CouncilVirtual Merit Badge Classes
Texas Southwest CouncilMerit Badge Workshop
Tidewater CouncilVirtual Merit Badge Sessions$5
Added 20 May 2020
Twin Valley CouncilVirtual Merit Badges$10
Added 17 Apr 2020
Virginia Headwaters CouncilOnline Merit Badge Classes$10 per class
Added 29 Apr 2020
Western Los Angeles CouncilMerit Badge University

12 thoughts on “Virtual Merit Badge Opportunities through BSA Local Councils”

  1. The Aloha Council is offering Virtual Merit Badges via These are LIVE merit badge classes (not sending your scout to watch a video) taught by experts who are BSA registered and have current YPT certifications. Classes are limited to 15 scouts for an engaging experience.

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  2. We’re a part of old North State council in Greensboro NC. They aren’t on this list. Does that mean they don’t have offerings or just that they haven’t been added yet?


  3. Cost for the ones I could find
    Council Notes
    Alamo Area Council
    Aloha Council $20
    Bay Area Council Free
    Black Warrior Council
    Blue Ridge Council $5
    Caddo Area Council Free
    California Inland Empire Council $5
    Capitol Area Council
    Cascade Pacific Council
    Central Florida Council $5
    Central North Carolina Council $5
    Chickasaw Council Free
    Chief Seattle Council
    Circle Ten Council $5
    Connecticut Rivers Council $10
    Crossroads of America Council $25
    Dan Beard Council
    Del-Mar-Va Council $10
    Denver Area Council $35
    Evangeline Area Council $15
    Garden State Council $5
    Glacier’s Edge Council
    Golden Empire Council $10
    Great Rivers Council Free
    Great Smokey Mountain Council $10
    Great Trail Council Free
    Greater Alabama Council
    Greater Tampa Bay Area Council
    Gulf Stream Council
    Hawk Mountain Council
    Heart of America Council
    Heart of New England Council
    Hoosier Trails Council
    Indian Waters Council $5
    Jayhawk Area Council FREE
    Lake Erie Council
    Las Vegas Area Council $10
    Michigan Crossroads Council Free
    Mid-America Council Free
    Mount Baker Council
    Mountaineer Area Council
    Mt. Diablo Silverado Area Council $15
    Narragansett Council $20
    National Capital Area Council $10
    New Birth of Freedom Council
    North Florida Council $5
    Look under calendar
    Northern Star Council
    Old Hickory Council Free, but $10 donation requested
    Orange County Council $20
    Overland Trails Council
    Ozark Trails Council Free
    Palmetto Council $5
    Pee Dee Area Council $15
    Piedmont Council $5
    Potawatomi Area Council
    Prairielands Council
    Rocky Mountain Council
    Sam Houston Area Council
    Sagamore Council $7

    San Francisco Bay Area Council $40/day
    Seneca Waterways Council $5
    Sequoyah Council Free
    Simon Kenton Council $5
    Sioux Council $10

    Spirit of Adventure Council $25
    Suffolk County Council
    Texas Southwest Council
    Twin Valley Council $10
    Virginia Headwaters Council $10 per class

    Western Los Angeles Council

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